With 3 decades of industry experience, Jason Kraynek has established himself as an Award-Winning Cinematographer, Director, Camera Operator, Gaffer, and Colorist. Passionate for narrative, story-based films, stunning visuals, and practical on-set effects. The presence of in-camera techniques and colorful vivid images are displayed prominently throughout his work.
As a child, Jason was always interested in performing in front of people through magic, toys, or even thrown-together music theater shows for the neighborhood parents. He wanted to be a stand-up comedian at a young age, performing various skits on cassette decks and drawing cartoons throughout childhood.
In 1994, Jason started performing, set building, and stage managing various musical theater productions. This included Hello Dolly, Chicago, Crazy for You, Once Upon a Mattress, Joesph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Music Man. After 3 years onstage he moved into improv and sketch comedy working as an actor, director, writer, editor, and producer. This featured film projects like Any Given Sunday, All the World, and the Mongo Like Candy tv series. Along with Improv/Sketch groups Beat the Dead Horse, Charming Hooligans, Caffeine Kids, Mongo Like Candy, and Suspicious Clowns.
The late 90s also provided roles as an AV foreman in various touring, event, and stage companies. Artists he worked with during that time include Green Day, Kid Rock, Linkin Park, Dashboard Confessional, Shania Twain, Hall and Oats, and Coca-Cola. In 2003, Jason drifted into the field of photography while developing a media company focusing on video and design. This provided working with clients in advertising, music, fashion, and event.
In 2011, Jason branched back into working in film as a freelancer and creating the production company JACENKNET in 2013. Credits include hundreds of projects such as Narrative films Heaven is Hell, Bunny, Hitwomen, Gancho, Fang, The Way I See It, Twisted Little Lies, and The Christmas Thief. Music Videos for Allister, Ganser, The New Loud, Melter, and My Gold Mask. And clients such as - Lifetime Network, Focus Features, Chicago Bulls, Lego, Consumer Reports, Dolby, Grammy Foundation, Universal Music, BBC, Financial Times, National Geographic, Nike, PBS, Reebok, Rolling Stone, United Airlines, Victoria's Secret, Visa, White Castle, etc. Not to mention countless commercials, documentary work, ad campaigns, and personal projects.
At the end of 2021, Jason joined The International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600) as a Camera Operator where he is continuing to pursue both freelance and union opportunities.